Best Queen Street West Coffee Shops

Queen Street West

When it comes to Queen Street West, there is no doubt that you will find a great coffee shop, this is mostly because there is a coffee shop located on every corner. Furthermore, a lot of the people who frequent Queen West have a taste for two things brewed; good beer and good coffee.

Now, if we were to list every single coffee shop on Queen West, it would get a little ridiculous- there are really that many. This is why we have narrowed it down to some of the hottest coffee shops with their own niche when it comes to the fine craft of brewing good coffee.

El Almacen Coffee

El Almacen

, located at 1078 West Queen Street, is an Argentinean café best known for empanadas & brewing traditional mate (a drink of steeped yerba leaves). While it is known for its yerba mate, you can also get your regular drinks there too. They coffee and tea is both excellent, and there is a great ambience here. This is a great little coffee shop for a date or for something a little different.

R Squared Café

R Squared Café

, is located at 668 Queen St W, and is a very socially conscious coffee shop with high quality beverages and delicious baked goods. While aesthetically it is quaint and very unassuming, it has a very positive atmosphere and you’re likely to feel good going here. Currently if you visit this location you may notice that there is a donation box reading that they are accepting donations for Syrian refugees.

White Squirrel Coffee Shop

White Squirrel Coffee Shop

sits at 907 Queen St W, has it all: fair trade organic coffee and dairy, Greg’s ice cream, home-baked treats, hand held breakfast items, fresh sandwiches and more! No wonder this coffee shop is one of Toronto’s favourites! Furthermore, this coffee shop also supports environmentally conscious suppliers and producers- so you know you’re making a bit of a difference for the environment by going here. This shop is open into the evening, so you can grab a post dinner coffee here (again, perfect for date nights), their Flat White is to die for and their Americano will give you the waking jolt you need to get through any work day.

Sam James Coffee Bar

is located in various occasions around Toronto, but you can find one at 1000 Queen St W. This location is incredibly unique and is a great place to visit of you want to surround yourself with an artsy atmosphere. It has an original sculpture, a heated concrete stoop and of course incredible caffeinated beverages. Best yet, the drinks are totally affordable (while tasting pretty amazing) so you really can’t go wrong by going here. Ps. Try the espresso.

Niche Coffee and Tea Company

at 626 Queen St W is a casual coffee shop with a lot to offer it’s patrons in the way of excellent coffee (and other hot drinks). This isn’t so much the place you would want to go for a date, but definitely the type of coffee shop that you visit before/during/ after work, to do homework or study, or just visit with some good friends. They offer great brunch for very good prices, so it you are looking for somewhere to go in the morning, this could definitely be your place. Their eggs benedict for instance is terrific, it goes perfectly with their peppermint mocha (or their cappuccino… yum).

There are so many coffee shops on Queen street West, you’ll never have to worry about finding a great cafe. However, when there are so many places to choose from it’s more difficult to find the coffee shop. These places are definitely great places to visit.