3 Best Coffee Shops in Cabbagetown


Cabbagetown is an adorable and trendy neighbourhood of Toronto filled with restored Victorian homes, little shops, pubs and restaurants. What about coffee? Other than the Tim Hortons and Starbucks located in Cabbagetown, there are some excellent options for you to try out. Here are the 3 best coffee shops in Cabbagetown that you need to try!

  1. 1. Jet Fuel Coffee – 519 Parliament Street

    Jet Fuel Cabbagetown
    Jet Fuel is known for its amazing coffee and has many loyal followers…errm… customers. There is no menu for you to look at, but just go ahead and tell the barista what you want. Chances are they will be able to make it… and make it well! The prices for coffee drinks are competitive, and they have sublime baked goods! Heads up… Cash Only.

  2. 2. Cabbagetown Brew – 552 Parliament St.

    cabbagetown brew
    Fast service, quality coffee, and giant comfy arm chairs… who could want more?? They do, however, offer more… they also have delicious food (including pizza), gelato, and something for everyone!!

  3. 3. Café Olya – 540 Parliament Street

    Cafe Olya Coffee
    This location is recommended for coffee lovers, and is known for its pastries. Unfortunately, the pastries are so good that they tend to sell out early, so go early. The inside is small, but charming, there is however limited seating.

Do you have any must visit places that we have missed? What do you think are the best coffee shops in Cabbagetown? Let us know in the comments!